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Wookie, scene II: A small town play

Scene 2 of “Wookie: A small town play,” in which Wookie meets a homeless man and learns he will soon be homeless.

(To read Scene 1, click here.)

Scene 2

Scene. Wookie walking down main street. Runs into Homeless Man #1 walking with his head down. He calls loudly to catch his attention.

Wookie: Hey, Homeless Man #1.

Homeless Man #1 looks up with his hand above his eyes to cover the glare.

Homeless Man #1 (mumbly and audible): hi…oh…hi

Wookie: How’s it going?

Homeless Man #1: Good. Good

Wookie: I heard you got banned from the library.

Homeless Man #1: That’s true. That’s true. I…wrote them a letter… petitioning for re-entry.

Wookie: Hmm.

Homeless Man #1: There’s a…board meeting today.

Wookie: You going?

Homeless Man #1: uh-hmm. yes. I’m going to go.

Wookie (smiling): They gonna let you in?

Homeless Man #1 (laughing): We’ll see.


Scene: Wookie walks down the block into the coffee shop. As he enters, he sees Cooler-than-Thou.


Wookie: Hey, how’s it goin?

Cooler-than-Thou: Oh hey man. What’s going on?

Wookie: ehhh…you know —

Cooler-than-Thou: No. I don’t.

Wookie: You don’t?

Cooler-than-Thou: No.

Wookie: Hmm.

Cooler-than-Thou (with a straight face): I’m a fucking genius.

Wookie: Everyone is a fucking genius.

Cooler-than-Thou (looking out the window): Alright, I’ll catch you man. Take it easy

(Cooler-than-Thou exits)

Wookie: Easy


Scene. Wookie walks up to the counter to order a coffee. He recognizes the Barista.


Barista (in an exasperated way): Howww’s it goiiiing Wookie?

Wookie: Am I that draining?

Barista: Nooo Wookie. How are you Wookie?

Wookie: You keep saying Wookie. It’s a little…distancing.

Barista: Good.

Wookie: Why is that good, my sister?

Barista: First of all I’m not your sister- brah…second of all you smell, you’re broke, and you’re kind of a weirdo.

Wookie (pretending to text): Boy bye.

Barista (to Wookie): Boy die.

Wookie (smiling): Curved.

Barista (smiling): What can I get you?


Scene. Wookie walks up to the Sunoco station to say hi to Carol.


Carol: Hey, Wookie.

Wookie: Hey, Carol.

Carol: How’s it going?

Wookie: It’s going.

Carol: What you up to?

Wookie: Walking around, trying to find work.

Carol: You still dishwashing at the pub?

Wookie: A few nights.

Carol: How’s that?

Wookie: Creamy.

Carol: Ahhh…

Wookie: There’s no point in being angry about it all. You know?

Carol: I do.

Wookie: I mean, it’s money at the end of the day. Being poor is a social death sentence.

Carol: Being lower middle class aint a walk in the park either.

Wookie: Who’s happy?

Carol: You know have to move out in two weeks, Wookie.

Wookie: I know.

Carol: Where you gonna go?

Wookie: I don’t know.

Carol: I’m sorry.

Wookie: Me, too.


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