WOOKIE: A small town play

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By Sunday, Feb 19 Arts & Entertainment  1 Comment
Adam Gudeon
Scene 1

Scene: Wookie comes down the stairs from his bedroom. Sonia and Carol are sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. 

Wookie: Hipster/country/intellectual — rents a room for $500 from a single woman named Carol who works at the Sunoco station. Sonia — a bartender at Allium — also rents a room for $500. The house is near Lake Mansfield, Great Barrington, Massachusetts. 

wookie: morning.

sonia: morning.

carol: morning.

wookie: how’s it looking?

sonia: bleek.

(wookie looks at sonia curiously)

carol (sipping her coffee): wookie —

wookie (preparing his cereal): landlady?

sonia: her name is carol.

wookie (speaking to sonia): carol….is my landlady —

carol: landlady is fine wookie. when you say how’s it looking — (carol smiles over at sonia)

sonia (smiling): — you mean will wookie get some nookie…right? (smiling at wookie)

wookie (to carol and sonia): geez…can’t a man say good morning without sexual intent?

sonia (standing to refill her coffee): with the kids you’re hanging around these days…

wookie: oh sorry- ur still fucking johny crystal whisperer?

carol: she likes him wookie.

sonia (turning to wookie): sorry wookie wonka — not everyone is a tortured polyamorous beat poet living off the state’s dole.

carol: sonia —

sonia (sits down and grabs a cigarette): the hipster before all hipsters.

wookie (sitting down at the table): the townie before all townies.




carol (sipping her coffee): towns are dead.

sonia (to wookie): so you’re not a townie, you’re just homeless.

carol: city. its all city. city architecture —

wookie: i’m about to be.

carol: city prices.

wookie: city neglect.


(carol grabs her cigarettes then exits)


(wookie and sonia sip coffee)


sonia: not my president.

wookie: fuck the president. we need a record store.

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  1. Shawn G. says:

    Nice:-) Looking forward to the next one.

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