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By Wednesday, Mar 22 We the People

South Berkshires Action Group

Editor’s Note: The Berkshires and beyond are experiencing a rising tide of citizen engagement in national political affairs and how the policies, pronouncements, attitudes and actions by the Trump administration and Congress may and do affect the institutions and people of our region.

In order to capture the extent of this activity The Edge has established a “We the People” section, and has added a “We the People” category to our events calendar where people can post their schedule of activities for free. Follow the instructions in the “Post your event for free” link. 

The item below was submitted by Robin Zeamer:

Since the election in November, it’s become obvious that we are at the beginning of a very difficult journey in our country. The 4Freedoms rally just after the New Year, the worldwide Women’s March, the rallies in support of the Affordable Care Act and the protests against the Muslim/Immigration bans, demonstrates there are clearly so many needs for concerned individuals and groups, in South County to become more connected to our neighbors and the work so many are involved in.

The South Berkshires Action Group is a Google group that was formed in January for what was seen as a need for a local “town square,” a place, a bulletin board where neighbors could be in touch, without a dearth of emails, but a plentiful list of information. The hope is that with this group we are building a South County coalition, not just for South County, but to coordinate, to announce and to show up where we can do the most good.

Consider this Google group a hub or clearinghouse for announcing activities and resist information. This virtual group can act as your bulletin board, your own megaphone and your place to go to look for answers and to post your own issues and actions. To request an invitation, please email: southberkshireaction@gmail.com.

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