We are all neighbors, not always neighborly

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By Wednesday, Apr 26 Letters

To the Editor:

Someone recently told me “you aren’t my neighbor,” with a touch of disdain. Okay, maybe more than a touch.

Neighbors are situated near one another. Being neighborly, which is the characteristic of a good neighbor, especially helpful, friendly, or kind, is something different.

I believe that at the town level of government we should have citizen communication among neighbors, regardless of their friendships or degree of neighborliness. It doesn’t matter if you have a feud going with one another, or if I agree with you. The key is to hear things without a lot of filtering from others.

Part of a free and vibrant democracy is free speech and the right to talk to others peaceably in a public forum.

For that reason, I stand against intimidation and retribution.

If you feel that someone is retaliating against you because of your opinions, outlook or beliefs, let others know. Take action outside your everyday circle of friends. The press, elected politicians and the state Attorney General of Massachusetts may assist you. Nothing evil can grow for long in the sunshine.

I believe in American democracy and the values of a free and open society.

We can do better. We are all neighbors.

Richard Squailia

West Stockbridge

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