U.S. Rep. Neal in corporate pockets

“Congressman Richie Neal voted to bar the IRS from developing e-filing software that would allow filing taxes for free online.”

To the editor:

I’m voting for Alex Morse because he’s not in the pocket of corporate interests.

Congressman Richie Neal accepted money from TurboTax and H&R Block, and subsequently voted to bar the IRS from developing e-filing software that would enable working people to file their taxes for free online through a government website. Only the most elementary tax forms can now be filed that way.

This summer, my college-bound 18-year-old child had to file 2018 taxes retroactively for an internship with the wonderful local organization Roots Rising. The income? A $1,000 stipend for five 30-hour work weeks over the summer. The federal taxes due? $110, because it was a 1099 (considered self-employment), not a W-2 (a job). As if that wasn’t insult enough on such a low annual income, we had to a) file through TurboTax because you can’t file a self-employment tax return on the IRS website, and b) pay the self-employment filing premium on TurboTax. This amounted to another $120: more than the taxes themselves! We were both appalled. It was an unfortunate introduction to how the government works for someone who is just now old enough to vote for the first time.

We’ll both be voting for Alex Morse to represent us in Congress.

Jenny Gitlitz

2 Pomeroy Ave.