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The U.S. Constitution defines the moral spine of the nation

By Sunday, Dec 15, 2019 Letters

To the editor:

While man continues his indignities to man, to Earth, to life, the U.S. Constitution waits, a solitary beacon guiding society sanely to the shore for those who listen and follow the wisdom.

The United States Constitution defines the moral spine of this nation, an emblem for the world, inviting relationships on the ground of moral integrity.

When the Constitution’s principles are abused and ignored by the president, elected officials and citizens, the society of unhealthy, the nation’s foundation in peril. Liberty and inalienable rights of being are either protected or destroyed by our individual and collective actions. Our current situation calls for serious, quiet self-examination and deliberation.

Cultivating moral virtue in every aspect of life — personal, civic, local, national, global — for Earth herself is a priority for securing sane existence. No divisive sides exist here. The spine is the central issue. Preserving that spine is the responsibility of every able, discriminating, concerned, well-informed citizen.

Without a strong, supported moral ethic in action, the whole natural order of life is fractured, declining into a divisive collective, defeating wasteland-confusion.

Inherently waiting is man’s higher nature calling to wake up, step forth and do the right thing. And the right thing is never a self-ego-serving agenda. As I pen this, I am lucidly aware that true moral integrity, in this society, is an endangered species — perhaps always has been.

Salutations to all who continue showing up, living and acting in greater moral integrity for the good of the whole.

May the essential wisdom of the Constitution of the United States prevail. In all that is in the moment, may we be of sound mind and goodwill.


Cynthia Felleisen