The Trump rubber stamp next door in NY19

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To the Editor:
Just a few short miles from lovely Berkshire County, we have a swing district
(NY19) which just sent Republican John Faso to Congress. By a small margin.
Small enough to undo in two years. And boy, is Faso aware of winning on Trump’s
coattails – he has refused to hold any town halls during Congressional recess,
earning himself the nickname of “No-Show Faso.”Faso is a smooth-talking lawyer and career politician whose track record – against corruption, for the environment, for women’s health, for gun safety – is abysmal.And now that he’s entered the big leagues in Washington, he is a happy rubberstamp for the Trump Agenda. A few examples so far:

  •     Faso has approved all of Trump’s cronies-and-wackos appointments.
  •     He has opposed several House efforts to seek disclosure on Trump’s myriad conflicts of interest. He says ‘the people voted – they know and don’t care.’
  •     He is in favor of rushing to approve Ryancare — which will dump 75 percent of his district’s newly insured, and will particularly penalize older people – up to 5 times what youngsters will pay.
  •     He is pro-life even though New York State supports safe and legal abortion.
  •     He voted in favor of Trump’s massive military build-up.
  •     Faso is a gun nut: he actually co-sponsored the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act.
  •     He voted in favor of letting oil and gas producers dump waste gas into the air.
  •     He voted to repeal the Stream Protection Rule, so coal producers can now dump freely into streams.
  • Faso opposed a bill seeking a robust investigation into Russian meddling in the campaign.
  • Faso supports having local sheriffs act as immigration enforcement officers.
  • Faso supports building ‘the wall.’

This scary record stretches back decades. In 2001, Faso opposed dredging the Hudson for PCB’s, while accepting large contributions from GE. In 2010, Faso’s law firm was fined over $500,000 by New York State for corruption, in helping clients win business from government pension funds.

It’s so nice to have Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey representing us in Congress. It’s so SAD that John Faso is just miles away, aiding and abetting the Trump Agenda. So we need to help our neighbors, and Swing Left in taking back NY19.

It’s time to take back the House.

Holly Morse
Laurel Durst
Bobby Houston
Laury Epstein
Michael Anderson
Lisa Paris
Nan Wile
Dabney MacAvoy
Marj Wexler
George Reeves

Amy Lynn

Carol Gill

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  1. Patrick Fennell says:

    Just a bunch of sore and uninformed losers. Trump is our president, get used to it.

    1. Brian says:

      Patrick – the Russians stole election for him, and that is treasonous. The uninformed and uneducated working stiffs who voted for him, people like you, will see your access to affordable healthcare evaporate, your environment poisoned, your children sent to fight in unnecessary wars, and your 1st Amendment freedoms disappear. You bought a conman, you now own him. Those of us who are thinking, compassionate Americans are right to reject the fascist populist, and his Slavic soft-porn First “Lady.” Impeachment is months away.

      1. David R. says:

        I SO hope you are correct!!!

    2. C. d'Alessandro says:

      That any electorate makes note of the policies, choices and actions of their elected officials is adherence to the civil duties of our democratic republic. Our country was founded on the principle that when our elected officials’ actions are perceived to be illegal, questionable or reprehensible it is the duty of the electorate to be mindful, make use of free speech, and coordinate efforts to democratically change governance. “Get used to it.” I think, its less accurate than the “Get busy” that many critical thinkers and awake, aware Americans are feeling . . . and doing.

    3. Bobby Houston says:

      Uninformed? So you already knew all about Faso cosponsoring the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act? Because, um you read obsessively?

    4. Randy McAteer says:

      When Obama was our President, did you “get used to it”, or did you complain ad nauseam about his policies, executive orders and birthplace? I’m thinking the latter rather than the former. No American citizen should ever “get used to it” when they feel the elected leader is working against their principles. We have a democracy who’s core values are supported by the first amendment, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of assembly. The true marker of freedom in our time is speaking up against injustice. Sorry, but “getting used to” injustice is basically someone pouring a milkshake over someone at lunch counter.

  2. Linda b horn says:

    Agreed and help

  3. Debbie Harris says:

    I totally agree. I’ve already registered with Swing Left to do research in NY-19 and think we need to recruit more Berkshire residents to the cause. Although I couldn’t get to one of the house parties, I would be interested in meeting with other Berkshire residents to form an organized plan of action.

  4. Jennifer Dowley says:

    Yes…all this is true. I live in Millerton and working to unseat Faso in 2018 is my key focus. Thank you so much for speaking out.
    And to the person who commented “Trump is our president. Get used to it.” Trump is our president, for now. And I will never get used to it or accept the damage that is being done most especially to those who voted for him. What I am doing is focusing solely on his policies, not on my personal distaste for him. There’s too much at stake for our children and grandchildren.

  5. Elie Katzman says:

    We all have to work to see that this president, and the Republicans in congress who support him, do not ruin our country.

  6. kritterz says:

    The 19th voted for this guy to make up the mistake they made in sending Gillibrand to Washington

  7. Kathleen Williams says:

    Some of the votes on this list are revealing; but the majority of them were identical to those of every Republican in Congress. I checked on the cabinet votes, and in one case– Pruitt, who was perhaps the hardest to stomach– had just one Republican NO vote. It was by Susan Collins of Maine; I wrote to congratulate her.

    This guy is my Representative. I think we have to get more coverage for Ms. Teachout.

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