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The Sandwich Board Man at the Corner of Bolsonaro and Fifth

By Wednesday, Nov 20, 2019 Arts & Entertainment 1

As I walk my beat at the corner of Bolsonaro

and Fifth, you pretend you don’t see me, but,

yo, I am there, bearing these boards fore and


aft advertising a fire sale in three-piece suits

At a Price You Can’t Afford Not to Buy! but

not a word, not a single word, about the fire


burning underfoot, as steam rises from man-

hole lids that thump whenever a bus or truck

goes over, like somebody’s trying to get out,


getting slow-cooked, but nobody has time to

stop the car, step out, lift the lid as the traffic

moves until it gets stuck again as tick by tock


the world runs out of time Closing Out! Last

Day! All Must Go! And that’s true too for me

for you, as steam blows the manhole lid high


above the intersection of Bolsonaro and Fifth,

and the heat underfoot is getting hotter, as if

the street’s on fire, and nobody can put it out


cuz nobody’s trying, later maybe but not now

as the red light at last turns rain-forest green,

giving busses, trucks, taxis, vans, you name it


the go-ahead to push the blue cloud farther on

down the avenue as here I stand advertising a

fire sale in men’s three-piece suits You Can’t


Afford Not to Buy!, nobody stopping to take a

look down under where it keeps getting hotter

everyone in a hurry to get the hell out of town.

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