The Empire Strikes Great Barrington

Had the Stormtrooper been hired as security personnel for Fulcrum Enterprises’ marijuana greenhouses?

On Main Street in Great Barrington, in front of Fuel, we encountered this Empire Stormtrooper. Where, we wondered, were Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Yoda, and of course, where was Darth Vader? In line at Theory Wellness, perhaps?

Then it occurred to us that the Stormtrooper could have a reason for materializing in Great Barrington. Had he been hired as security personnel for Fulcrum Enterprises marijuana operation in Housatonic? Might he appear at the Conservation Commission meeting Wednesday in support of Fulcrum’s application to build 15 marijuana growing greenhouses and a processing plant off Van Deusenville Road in a gravel pit?

Before we could confirm these suspicions by addressing the Stormtrooper, he had vanished. We can only hope that the Force will be with the Conservation Commission tomorrow night.