Tax Day rally and protest to be held in Park Square

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Pittsfield — The Berkshire Democratic Brigades will be holding a Tax Day standout In concert with almost 200 other tax day marches and protests around the country on Saturday, April 15, from 1 to 2 p.m. Park Square. Along with hundreds of thousands of people all over the United States and elsewhere in the world, local protestors will be demanding that Donald Trump release his tax returns once and for all. The national tax march initiative is supported by the American Federation of Teachers, Americans for Tax Fairness, the Center for Popular Democracy, Indivisible, MoveOn.Org, Our Revolution, the Working Families Party and other organizations.

Presidents and presidential candidates have shown the American people their returns for decades. President Trump promised to do so many times during his campaign. Despite the fact that millions petitioned Trump to release his tax records within days of his inauguration, he claimed “people don’t care.” A January ABC/Washington Post poll indicated that 74 percent of Americans wanted to see the president’s returns.

At least 19 states have introduced legislation to require presidential candidates to release tax returns, including Massachusetts’ Bill S.365, An Act Restoring Financial Transparency in Presidential Elections.

The Berkshire Democratic Brigades will also be standing out to urge the legislature and the voters of the Commonwealth to enact the Fair Share Amendment in Massachusetts, nicknamed the “millionaire’s tax.” The bill would add a surcharge of 4 percent on yearly incomes over $1 million to enhance the state’s transportation and education budgets. It is proposing a modest return on the wealth the state has helped produce for its millionaires, so that public services, which benefit everyone, get more of the revenue they need.

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  1. Steve Farina says:

    Really? What a waste of time. He doesn’t need to show his returns, and I for one hope he does not. If the states really want to require something it should be having to provide a valid birth certificate to show that a candidate (President and Congressmen) meets the Constitutional requirements of place of birth and age.
    Nowhere does the Constitution require having to provide income justification to become an elected representative of the people.

  2. John says:

    I am taken back with people’s extreme interest in President Trumps personal tax returns. Frankly this is a waste of time. I’m sure he paid more in Jet fuel tax alone than most of the people so concerned pay in a decade…

    There are far more important concerns than reviewing President Trumps tax returns

  3. Martin says:

    Are you serious with this comment, “a modest return on the wealth the state has helped produce for its millionaires”? The state doesn’t produce any income for anyone. The state taxes and spends.

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