V. Talking with Teens about substance use: The vulnerable brain

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We know more about brains than we did 30 years ago. When you Talk with Teens about substance use, it’s important to use facts, not fear. Here are some tips to make it easier.

Talking with Teens is a video series created by the Southern Berkshire Community Health Coalition in partnership with Railroad Street Youth Project, Multicultural BRIDGE, and The Center for Motivation and Change. This video helps caring adults take the time to listen to young people’s decisions around substance use. It also helps caring adults find a way to listen without condoning behavior that is harmful to young people.

Interested in learning more? Watch this space every Friday for the next eight weeks for new videos. You can also learn more about the Southern Berkshire Community Health Coalition and ongoing efforts to improve the health of young people in the southern Berkshires by contacting Iona Smith, Community Health Advocate at iona@rsyp.org or Meri Haas at meri@rsyp.org