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Monument Valley Road Construction Begins Week of 6/17

During the week the road will be limited to local traffic only between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m.

CONNECTIONS: Berkshire road trip! Part II

Lenox is known as a Gilded Age resort and many of the mansions are restored and open.

CONNECTIONS: Coaching and driving in the Gilded Age

During the Gilded Age, the equipage, the livery and the horses as well as the skill in driving were sources of great pride. A local newspaper even gave a whole column for the length of the page to recounting the teams and mounts of local cottagers.

CONNECTIONS: Berkshire liaisons, Part III: Theodore Tilton v. Henry Ward Beecher

Beecher preached that love was the basis of religious experience and that God would forgive all sins. For the last decade, there were rumors that he practiced what he preached.

Connections: Cranwell, iconic Berkshire ‘cottage,’ on the block — again

This sale of Cranwell will be the tenth in a series, and it will not be the last. It is not the first attempt to turn an epitome of indulgence – a Berkshire Cottage -- into a profit center. It is not the first attempt to change a building symbolic of another age into something useful in this age.

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