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Shooting in Pittsfield leaves two injured

Second shooting in Pittsfield in a week.

Truth and COVID consequences

When it comes to COVID-19, there is a compelling need to see what might have gone wrong and how we can make the necessary changes in the present and the days to come - learning on the fly, then expeditiously and with expertise, making the most appropriate course corrections.

BSO cancels Boston Pops spring season; fate of BSO summer season at Tanglewood uncertain

“It is our obligation to our audiences, musicians, and staff to do everything we can to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being during the unprecedented time of this pandemic.” Boston Pops conductor Keith Lockhart

CONNECTIONS: Listen to facts; don’t panic

The government made a hard situation harder. Even now as the cases and the consequences multiply, the federal government still may not be doing all it can.

Troubled history of the Housatonic River PCB settlement

The questions I pose are prompted from years working to create strong coalitions to fight General Electric - a rare coalition of former GE workers, sportsmen and women, local Lakewood homeowners whose front- and backyards were contaminated with high levels of PCBs, and environmentalists.

BMC employees under self-quarantine as local officials grapple with response to coronavirus

In Great Barrington, town officials put out a statement yesterday, and at Monday's selectboard meeting, town health agent Rebecca Jurczyk briefed officials on measures the town is taking to prepare for the virus.

CAPITAL IDEAS: Correction or bear market?

We humans like a narrative, a story we can relate to, because it helps us make sense of things, and that makes us feel more comfortable. The fact that the stock market was up about 19% over the previous four months, based on very little improving fundamentals, set us up for a tumble.

Local health officials on the coronavirus: Caution and common sense

"The likelihood of getting the flu virus — and dying from it — is far more likely than getting novel coronavirus at this time,” says Dr. Everett Lamm of Community Health Programs.

‘No Visible Bruises’ presentation to highlight the prevalence of violence against women

The book is ultimately a manifesto that turns a regressive notion about the causes of domestic violence on its head by illustrating domestic violence as a public health problem with solutions.

CHP to mark World Breastfeeding Week

In a letter to the editor, MaryBeth Merritt writes: "Many mothers stop breastfeeding early if they lack help, time and privacy. When fathers, partners, families, employers and communities support new mothers, breastfeeding rates and duration increase."

News Brief: GBPD joins One Mind campaign

The One Mind campaign seeks to ensure successful interactions between police officers and persons affected by mental illness.

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