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In its first month, Sheffield’s new locally sourced ice cream shop, Modern Milk Bar, has caught on fast

Traditional, good-quality ice cream made from local, real-food ingredients is the vision of Modern Milk Bar.

Troubled history of the Housatonic River PCB settlement

The questions I pose are prompted from years working to create strong coalitions to fight General Electric - a rare coalition of former GE workers, sportsmen and women, local Lakewood homeowners whose front- and backyards were contaminated with high levels of PCBs, and environmentalists.

It’s Not That Simple: The Housatonic River cleanup, Part 1

For more than three decades, the EPA has been negotiating with GE toward a goal of cleaning up the Housatonic River. The Rest of River settlement is the latest attempt at fulfilling that goal.

Alan Chartock: I Publius — a bad PCB settlement deal

The settlement worked out by the Environmental Protection Administration is not exactly popular with those who are trying to save our world from catastrophe.

No PCB dump in the Berkshires: Popular resistance begins

In a letter to the editor, Pooja Prema of Great Barrington, Mass., writes, "I advocate for leaving the river alone until more effective natural remediation technologies are discovered within the next two to 10 years, which could be done in situ (without dredging). This technology most likely already exists"

No Berkshires PCB dumps – period!

I am all for science and sadly EPA, in this fight, has proven they are only as good as the standards we hold them to. Let the EPA know there will not be a local dump, period.

PCB landfills can be avoided if EPA cleanup plan for Housatonic River is revised, appeals board rules

If the Region were to roll up its sleeves, as it were, and revise the remanded permit, the Housatonic could yet remain free from the risks and burdens of PCB landfills.

GE challenges EPA’s proposed cleanup plan for Housatonic River, insisting on Berkshire PCB landfills

Front and center in the arguments was GE’s insistence on site disposal at Woods Pond on the Lee-Lenox border, Rising Pond in Great Barrington, and near Forest Street in Lee.

Opposition mounts to GE’s insistence on Berkshire PCB dumps

Although EPA’s final remedy requires the General Electric Company to transport and dispose of PCB waste in a federally approved landfill, the company is fighting tooth and nail to dispose of contaminated waste locally.

PCB dump in Housatonic depressing real estate sales, brokers say

Housatonic homeowners are now worried about their property values — not to mention potential health risks from a nearby dump — and prospective homebuyers are now saying they won’t buy in Housatonic.

Clean Water Canoe campaign at Pittsfield, onward to Boston and General Electric

“Instead of pouring money into attorneys that fight the Environmental Protection Agency, pour it into cleaning the river.” -- Berkshire Natural Resources’ letter to General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt

Hundreds protest General Electric’s proposed PCB dumps

GE doesn’t want the Environmental Protection Agency telling it to ship the contaminated sludge from the Housatonic River to a certified remediation facility in Texas. It wants to drop it into three Berkshire landfills instead.

GE plans to dump on the Berkshires with Housatonic River cleanup

According to the Federal Register, EPA scientists have stated that toxic landfill liners are no guarantee and that landfill pollutants can “migrate into the broader environment. Eventually liners will either degrade, tear, or crack and will allow liquids to migrate out of the unit.” GE wants three more PCB landfills in the Berkshires. But the EPA insists on out-of-state disposal in an approved PCB facility. The matter will likely be settled in court.

GE welcomed in Boston; will PCB dumps bloom in the Berkshires?

Massachusetts could have conditioned the move to Boston on an expeditious, cooperative cleanup of the Housatonic River; there is no evidence that that happened. On the contrary, GE appears to have received benefits and incentives in the East, and no reminder of its responsibilities in the West.

POEM: Towards a Contaminated Pond

Skin mates Forget the poisoned rain and PCB's. Arm in arm, let's head on past the deserted railway tracks,

EPA proposes 13 year, $613 million plan to clean Housatonic River of PCBs. Is it enough?

“We have before us a [cleanup] that allows significant concentrations and volumes of PCB-contaminated sediment, soils and water to remain in the water after completion of remediation activities…” -- Rest of the River Municipal Committee, composed of Lenox, Lee, Stockbridge, Great Barrington, and Sheffield

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