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You will find more than just coffee beans at Jake’s Java in Lanesborough

The new coffee shop pays homage to a local, fallen hero and his crewmates.

EYES TO THE SKY: The Hunter lies on the horizon followed by his bright dogs

When seen to the left of Rigel (Arabic for “foot”), the Dog Star Sirius, like Procyon, heels to his master, Orion the Hunter.

Hour of the wolf

Some tribes believed that wolves were men’s souls. Imagine them, circled around a campfire, startled, doubtful, apprehensive, and thrilled at the same time as they listened to the pack abroad in the January moonlight.

EYES TO THE SKY: Planetary drama at dawn, then dusk

Uniquely, right now it is easy for relatively late risers to enjoy the beauty and wonder of celestial dawn. Beginning today and lasting through January 10, sunup in our locale is at 7:22 a.m., the latest of the year.

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