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A good editor knows what to excise, and what to enhance. With that in mind, I grabbed my chainsaw, and removed a magnolia.

CONNECTIONS: What’s in an address? Tax revenue

Three tourist magnets are in Stockbridge while many say these establishments are in Lenox. Who cares? Is this a petty error or a serious one?

CONNECTIONS: Bamboozled Berkshires

While we like to think the Berkshires is populated with good people and only good people, we are not always right. The combination of bad actors and naiveté has resulted in more than one Berkshire swindle.

CONNECTIONS: Remembering The Music Inn

Music Inn existed as a venue from 1950–1979. During three different phases, it was consistently a gathering place of American musicians.

CONNECTIONS: Beautification, conservation, environmental protection

“The nation behaves well if it treats its national resources as assets which it must turn over to the next generation.” -- President Theodore Roosevelt

Culinary Adventures: Café Adam

"We find a lot of strength in the traditional foods of Europe, although we give them an American sensibility.” -- Adam Zieminski, chef/owner of Café Adam

CONNECTIONS: The Music Inn, Tanglewood’s antithesis next door

For a time the Berkshire Music Center stood a neighbor to the Lenox School for Jazz; the BSO played next door to Anita O’Day and Lena Horne.

CONNECTIONS: Century-old criteria for creating an engaging Main Street

The town of Stockbridge and its village improvement society buried electric wires, chose simple street lights, maintained historic structures, and assured that the width of the street allowed for not just roadbed but also walkways and trees to be planted at the edge of the pavement.

Berkshire boondoggles: Natural history of a confidence man

The young screenwriter let it be known to his Berkshire hosts that he was interested in settling in the Berkshires, and he looked at a number of large estates with a real estate broker. The one that struck his fancy was Wheatleigh, the upscale hostelry. His name was Thilo Rethmann. In fact, however, he was wanted in Germany on 57 counts of fraud, and had fled California after swindling his landlady out of $40,000.

Connections: Bamboozled Berkshires, past and present

Why do we fall for it? All good con men offer what you most want. The promises to Berkshire are always the same – they will create jobs, they will rejuvenate the economy, they will save historic buildings, and their taxes will lower taxes for the rest of us.

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