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Celebrate Juneteenth with ‘Black Barbie’

The Netflix documentary directed by Lagueria Davis drops today.

GB, South County Year in Review: Of mergers, bridges, cannabis and ‘blood money’

In the spirit of reflection and self-examination, herein lies The Edge's second annual Great Barrington year in review. It includes some select stories from other South County towns as well, along with embedded links to Edge stories for more information.

Egremont Green News: Neighbors join plastic-reduction challenge

Instead of over-eating or over-drinking or over-spending, this healthy-living campaign targeted the over-abundance of plastic.

Town Hall Briefs: Ailing bridges, traffic nightmares and other tales of woe

Whether one lane of the Brown Bridge is closed during construction or whether it is shut down altogether, the construction will be a major disruption to traffic, especially considering the fact that the town-owned Division Street bridge was closed by the state in the second week of September.

News Brief: Plastic bottle ban to begin Nov. 1

'We expect that all merchants in town who have not already done so will be in full compliance by Nov. 1 as our town seeks to reduce the generation of plastic waste.' -- Town Manager Mark Pruhenski

News Briefs: GB water bottle bylaw update; Fatal motor vehicle crash in Pittsfield

Though a date is not yet confirmed for completion of fountain installations, merchants who are still selling plastic water bottles of 1 liter or less are urged to begin phasing out their supplies.

GB on Tap update: Bylaw enforcement and water stations

The three installation sites – Town Hall, Mason Library and Housy Dome – were chosen in careful coordination with the Department of Public Works.

Great Barrington voters duped by so-called ‘water filling stations’

In a letter to the editor, Steve Farina writes, "The inclusion of a filtered unit approved by the town would seem to indicate that it admits to a water quality problem in Housatonic, potentially opening the town to liability problems..."

News Brief: Water stations funding in place

The ban on the sale of single-use plastic bottles went into effect Jan. 1, 2019, but the town has held off on compliance enforcement until public water stations are completed.

Surprise: Discord notably absent from town, school budget processes

The Berkshire Hills school committee is expected to vote Thursday night to approve its own spending proposal of $26.2 million. The vote to approve it is almost a foregone conclusion after last week's quiet and harmonious public hearing.

Correcting the record: The bottle ban IS in effect

In his letter Great Barrington Selectboard Chair Steve Bannon writes: "The selectboard did vote to delay the ticketing process for violations of the bylaw until May 2020, for several reasons correctly listed by the Berkshire Women's Action Group."

Great Barrington Selectboard backs away from enforcement of plastic water bottle ban

Selectboard Chairman Steve Bannon said he could not support enforcement of the bylaw until there is an implementation and funding plan for the series of water stations that are planned to help consumers refill the reusable bottles.

News Briefs: Bottle ban enforcement discussion; zoning amendment reviews

Voters at last year's town meeting amended the plastic water bottle ban measure with a May 2019 enforcement date. However, the selectboard must first approve the regulations and develop enforcement provisions.

Of plastic bottles and ‘marijuana wars’: a Great Barrington year in review

2018 has provided enough Great Barrington news to keep journalists busy and observers of town politics highly amused, signaling that the community dubbed "best small town in America" by Smithsonian Magazine continues to be a place in transition.

Bits & Bytes: FODfest 2018; ‘PLASTIC!’ in Housatonic; world music program for kids; Social Change Film Series; ‘Voices of Poetry’ at the Mount

To ease the transition and make tap water more readily available, the Berkshire Women’s Action Group’s Environment Committee is planning a gradual rollout of modern, hygienic water-refill stations around Great Barrington and Housatonic.

Water refill station planning underway in Great Barrington

In their letter to the editor, members of the Environment Committe of the Berkshire Women Action Group write: "We are also compiling answers to questions people have about the stations and the GB on Tap program."

Special town meeting unnecessarily messy

In her letter Carol Diehl writes: "The petition to repeal the single-serve plastic water bottle ban might never even have come up if the proponents of the ban had, from the beginning, presented it in a way that related it specifically to the needs of Great Barrington."

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