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Monument Valley Road Construction Begins Week of 6/17

During the week the road will be limited to local traffic only between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Selectboard member urges Great Barringtonians to vote, even if races are uncontested

"A high mail-in response will show the state legislature -- and the rest of the country -- that mail-in voting can increase voter turnout." -- Great Barrington Selectman Ed Abrahams

Coffee shop companionship — at a distance

While we wait for the next generation to become strong enough to lead, I think we need to be very careful who we vote into any kind of office.

Liberate Town Meeting

Before CoronaTime, I tried to imagine a system that took advantage of modern technology, of expanded broadband, and computers and smartphones to extend and expand our ability to discuss the issues before us. So here are several suggestions about how we can liberate town meeting from the past and meet the challenge of COVID-19.

DEB KOFFMAN: Soul Support

Deb Koffman reminds us of what matters.

League of Women Voters aims to increase voter participation on Election Day

In the wake of low voter turnout, questions arise: What are the current barriers to civic access? What are concrete steps we can take to address those?

CONNECTIONS: Democracy at risk

Voter suppression schemes target specific populations, generally nonwhites, and make it onerous or impossible to register, to get to the poll and cast a vote. Recent examples include the shenanigans in Georgia, North Carolina and North Dakota.

News Briefs: Grant funding for conservation projects; communities to be reimbursed for early voting expenses

Grants were provided to eight land trusts through the Conservation Partnership Grant Program, 11 communities through the Local Acquisitions for Natural Diversity (LAND) Grant Program, and eight projects through the Conservation District Innovative Projects Grant Program.

News Brief: GB citizen petition deadline Jan. 31

Jan. 31 is citizen petition deadline for annual town meeting Great Barrington -- Town voters wishing to submit a citizen petition to place an article on...

CONNECTIONS: The plots to subvert democracy

It is harder to understand why American citizens would undermine elections. Yet, in American history, the movements to be inclusive have been balanced by the movements to remain exclusive.

The curious case of the non-voter

There is a snarling hatred of politics out there in the street, heavily salted with fear. And that fear is close to the surface: Simply mention voting and there’s a look you come to recognize — panic, “Please, god, get me outta here.”

CONNECTIONS: The second-home would-be local voter

In an increasing number of states, provisions are being made or considered for second-homeowners to vote locally.

This election become a Super Voter

In her letter to the editor, Cathy Kogan writes: “Consider going with friends and family and assisting those who may need some extra help getting to the polls.”

With a commitment to social justice, upstart secretary of state candidate travels to Berkshires

"For most of us in this room, getting to the polls on election day is probably not a huge struggle. But for a lot of people, particularly if you're working more than one job, or you're caring for a parent or grandparent–whatever it is–it's not that easy." --Josh Zakim

CONNECTIONS: Natural equilibrium

In little villages like Stockbridge as well as on the national stage, there should always be two candidates for each position. There is a paucity of candidates. It is a kind of political anemia. It is not good for us; the voters deserve a choice. It is not good for democracy.

News Briefs: South Berkshire early voting options; MBI to begin pole surveys in Egremont

Many towns in southern Berkshire County will offer early voting options in advance of the election on Tuesday, Nov. 8. All registered voters are eligible to vote early.

Super Tuesday primary in Massachusetts: Don’t forget to vote

For comprehensive state voter information go to Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth’s web page, and

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