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I WITNESS: Whiplash

All dogs have their day, and the seemingly invincible mafiosi to whom Mr. Trump enjoys comparing himself were both eventually tried and convicted: Al Capone for tax evasion, and John Gotti for, among other things, racketeering, obstruction of justice, tax evasion, and extortion.

CONNECTIONS: Democracy at risk

Voter suppression schemes target specific populations, generally nonwhites, and make it onerous or impossible to register, to get to the poll and cast a vote. Recent examples include the shenanigans in Georgia, North Carolina and North Dakota.

CONNECTIONS: The plots to subvert democracy

It is harder to understand why American citizens would undermine elections. Yet, in American history, the movements to be inclusive have been balanced by the movements to remain exclusive.

Vira Vira Equinox

Ever the proponent of participatory democracy, Vira Vira is on her soapbox, reflecting the spirit of the current presidential campaign.

News Briefs: South Berkshire early voting options; MBI to begin pole surveys in Egremont

Many towns in southern Berkshire County will offer early voting options in advance of the election on Tuesday, Nov. 8. All registered voters are eligible to vote early.

Despite renovation defeat, Monument Mountain High School still needs fixing

In her letter, Karen Smith writes: "I would suggest that those who think the plan put forth was flawed, to suit up, show up, be present and do the work it takes in order to remedy the situation."

District needs a ‘clear’ vision of 21st century education

In his letter, David Long of Housatonic writes: "This is not a time for the opposition to gloat, or the pro side to be discouraged. Yes one opportunity has been rejected. But now we have a new opportunity to do something even better."

Great Barrington voters derail Monument Mountain High School renovation — again

"We don’t have an official plan B. We didn’t spend the money or take the time to develop alternate plans. As the budget deliberations approach, we’ll have discussions about how to proceed. Now it’s going to be in the budget.” -- School Committee Chair Stephen Bannon --

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