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Monument Valley Road Construction Begins Week of 6/17

During the week the road will be limited to local traffic only between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m.

At Pittsfield gathering, solidarity with Charlottesville, Va., site of white supremacist violence

“How is this happening in America? I feel terrible for the people of Charlottesville. Just because the president hasn’t condemned the actions of the Alt-Right doesn’t mean I won’t.” -- Jeff Turner of Pittsfield

ORANGE ALERT: The (almost) daily outrage

Trump made no mention that the violence in Charlottesville was initiated by white supremacists brandishing anti-Semitic placards, Confederate battle flags, torches and a few Trump campaign signs.

Lulu ‘n’ Hershey

Patrons and staff at Lulu and Hershey's coffeehouse, the Cafe Perspectivo, react to the shootings across in Dallas, Baton Rouge, Minnesota, Chicago.

POEM: Across the wilderness

A poem reflecting on the racial violence occurring across America, and its causes.

ART REVIEW: ‘Winter in America,’ uplifting look at war, violence, alienation

However it is remembered, no one will imagine that this winter in America is a time for complacency or easy answers.

‘Evil: A matter of intent,’ an exhibit at Hebrew Union College. Interview with curator, Laura Kruger

"I personally feel that the Holocaust must be told as history and not as interpretation. It was very real. The scars are very real. And it’s too close." -- Laura Kruger, curator of the Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion Museum

EDGE WISE: Another summer, another mass murder  

Today, I am grieving the beautiful souls gunned down in their place of worship, where they were working together to build a better world.

A Writer Recommends: ‘Pitiful Criminals’

This is not an easy book. There are thirteen such tales in total. The stories are riveting and sad and funny. They are also incredibly thoughtful and fair, accessible and smart.

EDGE WISE: Peering beneath the mask of masculinity

The film, ‘The Mask You Live In,’ establishes clear connections between what one expert called “the pandemic of violence in America” and the repressed anger and hurt of boys and young men, as well as a narrow definition of masculinity that equates “being a man” with physical force, sexual conquest, and economic success.

KALCHEIM: Sexual assault on campus? No surprise

The more sexual relations are treated as a recreational activity, the less seriously we uphold a mode of conduct for engaging in them. When placed in conjunction with excess drinking, not merely for the sake of sociability (what we used to call conviviality), but only for the sake of getting drunk, the mix is toxic.

Connections: Racial conflict in Great Barrington — in 1893

The police were credited with coming and breaking it up, and yet, after they arrived one black man was “used pretty roughly.” When it was over, the white community was angry that the Blacks, clearly the perpetrators in their opinion, were not arrested. The Black community was angry that a young Black man was injured with police present, and perhaps, by the police.

Connections: Is terrorism a contagion? What is the antidote?

Could the model for fighting violence be the same as the model for fighting contagion? Can we identify areas where the conditions are ripe for disease/violence to break out? Can we track the spread of violence by tracing the contacts between people in the same way we trace the spread of infection? What makes some immune and others vulnerable?

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