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CONNECTIONS: Baldwin’s in West Stockbridge marches on

The Civil War had created pent-up demand for goods, and there was Baldwin’s. Folks all over the North and South were glad to see the war ending and new businesses starting up.

THEATRE REVIEW: WTF’s ‘Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow’ — Chekhov it ain’t

This work is certainly never dull. However it never provides a new idea or thought ... nor does it leave us feeling that we have experienced a new work, but only a second-rate version of something we have known for eons.

THEATRE REVIEW: ‘The Rose Tattoo’ at Williamstown, a definitive production, not to be missed

I have been looking forward to seeing this play, only the second edition I have ever seen on stage, and my hopes and prayers have been answered, for this is a definitive production of a masterpiece that has long taken a third place position in the canon of the playwright's works.

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