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Fourteen-year-old youth deceased after being found unresponsive in Benedict Pond

The child was transported to Fairview Hospital; however, lifesaving efforts were unsuccessful.

Egremont Green News: Egremont’s exemplary environmental achievements

By chipping away at our waste line and energy consumption, we hope our local efforts are joining a larger, worldwide movement.

Egremont Green News: Less trash cuts emissions while saving our town money

For each type of dumpster, the town pays a hauling fee of between $150 and $250. Reducing the number of trips saves money so we try to cram as much as possible into each load. You can help by crushing that gallon plastic milk container under your foot and squishing out the air.

Egremont Green News: Will Our Waste Line Go Under 400?

Not everyone enjoys separating trash, rinsing cans and bottles and loading their cars with plastic film bags for their next trip to town. We get that. And we don’t want to be finger-wagging scolds. We try to build team spirit.

Let’s not trash Lake Mansfield beach

In her letter to the editor, Mary Rogers of Great Barrington expresses alarm at the deterioration of the beach and grounds at Lake Mansfield.

‘The Last Hotel: A Novel in Suites’: Suite 62

Installment 13: Fred, the scavenger in Suite 62, on his daily round: "On the street, Fred hopped on his bike. As soon as he started pedaling, the wind and car exhaust in his face, he got the feeling. He was totally free! Free as a NYC pigeon. Neither rain nor snow could keep him off his bicycle, the best fastest and cheapest way to get around the city."

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