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President Biden to drop out of presidential race – updated with statements from Governor Healey, Congressman Neal

President Biden had been previously under pressure by members of the Democratic party to drop out.

CONNECTIONS: Berkshire taverns were social hubs

Today we would not think of a tavern as part of the cultural life of a town, but in 18th-century Berkshire, it was.

Great Barrington’s Laura Ingersoll Secord: Heroine or traitor?

At least a few residents of Great Barrington were aware of Laura Secord by the early 1900s. When the Ingersoll home was first moved and then torn down during the construction of the Mason Library, structural artifacts were removed and sent to Canada for a Laura Secord exhibit.

CONNECTIONS: A question of treason

Benedict Arnold is a name synonymous with treason. The facts seem clear; the motivation eludes us. Why did Arnold do it? Were his actions motivated by love, greed, hubris, or a rich mix of all three?

CONNECTIONS: Great Barrington’s Laura Ingersoll, resourceful soldier – for Canada

With the announcement that women are to assume military combat roles, it is good to remember it will not be first time women fought and fought well.

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