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West Stockbridge, officials named in lawsuit filed by owners of mobile-home park

The town states that it is prepared to defend the decision of the Rent Control Board.

Bits & Bytes: Berkshire Botanical Garden Harvest Festival; Morgan Bulkeley at Berkshire Museum; ‘Don’t Wait, Do Tell Me;’ Barbara Takenaga at WCMA; NUArts reunion...

“I try to make paintings that are beautiful, frightening, and funny all at once, similar to the Theater of the Absurd, which assumes things are so bad that you can only laugh.” --artist Morgan Bulkeley

Bits & Bytes: ‘SEVEN’ at Simon’s Rock; Berkshire Opera Festival; Bret Stephens to give Feigenbaum lecture; Laurel Hill Day

SEVEN was commissioned in 2006 by the Washington, D.C.-based Vital Voices Global Partnership, which had seven playwrights dramatize the stories of seven women.

Bits & Bytes: ‘Save Stockbridge Bowl’ to complete goal; singer/songwriters at Williams; Young Singers Concert; ‘Entry Point’ at Simon’s Rock; new GBLC president

The Stockbridge Bowl Association has raised more than $2.4 million of the estimated $2.8 million cost to pay for Phase 2 of the Town of Stockbridge’s Lake Management Plan.

Endangered falcon shot in Ashley Falls; return to the wild in doubt

The peregrine falcon is the fastest animal on Earth, diving for prey at speeds up to 200 mph. Whether this falcon will ever be able to hunt again is doubtful.

Bits & Bytes: The Great Parade; The Eight in Hillsdale; Birds of prey at Kenver; Student art at Flying Cloud; Berkshire Children & Families...

To be in the Rogue Angel Theatre parade in Great Barrington, meet at 10 a.m. at the bandstand behind Town Hall on Saturday, July 18. Bring flamboyant and wild costumes and props, and instruments.

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