Fearing competitive disadvantage, Great Barrington explores high-speed Internet connectivity

“I think Great Barrington needs to have a more robust business community than it currently does. Great Barrington needs to become that small town that, besides great food and culture, is also a very interesting place to set up your business and that’s the missing piece.”
— Tim Newman, WiredWest spokesperson who would move his business to Great Barrington if affordable high-speed communications were available

While state agency reboots, Western Massachusetts languishes without high-speed Internet

“A market dominated by the major cable and telephone companies has failed to provide these citizens with what is fast becoming a basic need like electricity or water.”

— The Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, in report recommending the WiredWest 32-town cooperative as the vehicle for providing essential broadband Internet connectivity for rural Western Massachusetts

Wired West gains wide support for rural high speed, broadband network

“This is an incredible opportunity, a watershed moment for us to move forward and be as competitive as we possibly can and stay viable as a community in a global economy.”

— Tim Lovett, Berkshire Property Agents

“Broadband is an essential infrastructure like electricity, water and roads. We have all things to make quality of life here so great, but if you can’t do business, it’s not an option.”

— Tim Newman, New Marlborough broadband advocate

Edge forum identifies high-speed Internet as key to Berkshire economic future

Stockbridge — Twenty years from now in the Berkshires, what infrastructure will we wish we had put in place to keep the area thriving, expand its assets, create job opportunities that would attract young people, and make housing affordable, while at the same time embracing and appreciating open space and agriculture? That was the essential issue before “Building