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THE OTHER SIDE: The king is not dead — not really

Well, in one fell swoop, the new conservative majority—it might be more accurate to call them the new MAGA majority—betrayed originalism and textualism.

Fracking causes extensive environmental, health, safety harms, new study warns

Studies consistently show that fracking and associated infrastructure leak more methane than previously estimated, and that rising methane levels are now driving adverse climate impacts.

PCBs, fracked gas pipelines endanger human and planetary health, warns author activist

Steingraber said she cannot protect her children from harm or plan for their future without taking climate action. For her, engaging in climate activism is of the same importance as other safety precautions like vaccinations or paying attention to car seat recalls.

Class action lawsuit acuses utilities Eversource, Avangrid of bilking customers out of $3.6 billion

According to this lawsuit, the utilities’ “abusive” behavior constitutes the largest energy market manipulation scheme since the Enron scandal.

EDGECAST VIDEO: Sandisfield pipeline protest at TD Bank

"We demand TD Bank stop using our money to fund tar sands pipelines that our communities and planet cannot afford. We call on our neighbors, elected officials, and pension managers to close all accounts with TD Bank unless they immediately stop financing tar sands pipelines." -- Divest the Globe statement

Did pipeline protesters trespass? Lawyers disagree on definition

Since the activists did not enter a building, boat or vehicle, the state must prove that the protesters entered "improved or enclosed land."

Connecticut Expansion Pipeline: Don’t blame the company

Following nearly four years of struggle against a powerful company (Kinder Morgan and its subsidiary, Tennessee Gas Pipeline) backed by laws and a Federal commission, it seems that now is an appropriate point to judge performances of the various participants and agencies that could have made more of a difference to avoid this calamity.

Thoreau’s cabin rises again as pipeline barricade

“I want to raise the idea of conservation and civil disobedience. This is a symbol of our resistance and our resolve to stop this.” --- Sugar Shack Alliance member Will Elwell

POEM: Without Fingerprints

A poem upon the occasion of citizens being arrested for standing in the way of a fracked natural gas pipeline conveying climate change.

EDGECAST VIDEO: Sugar Shack Alliance makes a stand

As chainsaws wielded by workers from Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company began to bite into the state-protected trees of Otis State Forest, members of the Sugar Shack Alliance stood in defiance of this dismemberment of the sanctuary for a natural gas pipeline. Ben Hillman provides a video report.

Appeals court delays Otis State Forest pipeline project

On March 15, the Court held that the Natural Gas Act does not allow pipeline companies to leapfrog over state administrative procedures in order to expedite their projects. This is the first time a federal Circuit Court has interpreted the relevant language in the Natural Gas Act.

News Briefs: Ceremonial sites in pipeline path; Helen Moon announces candidacy for City Council, Ward 1

According to deputy tribal historic preservation officer Doug Harris, one-third of the ceremonial stone landscapes will be disturbed or destroyed during the construction of the pipeline.

Campaign against pipeline tariff heats up; video faults Baker administration

Sheffield filmmaker Ben Hillman made the short video about the situation, called Down the Tubes, with support from activists Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben and Lawrence Lessig.

Kinder Morgan can’t start clearing state forest just yet, appeals judge rules

Kinder Morgan subsidiary Tennessee Gas Pipeline has been in court since early spring to gain immediate access to clear 3.83 miles of state protected land in Otis State Forest.

A walk in the forest primeval, endangered by Tennessee Gas Pipeline

The gas company is running roughshod over Sandisfield townspeople, too, as it backs away from promises to give the town money to fix roads and bridges that may be chewed up by massive pipeline trucks.

Kinder Morgan suspends work on $3.3 billion Northeast Direct gas pipeline

Citing inadequate capacity commitments from prospective customers, the Board of Directors of the Texas-based Kinder Morgan has voted to suspend further work and expenditures on its proposed 120-mile pipeline known as Northeast Energy Direct. Suspension of the NED project does not appear to have any effect on Tennessee Gas’ Connecticut Expansion Project, a pipeline storage loop through a slice of Massachusetts-owned and protected land in Sandisfield, Massachusetts.

Berkshire judge says pipeline giant Kinder Morgan can’t ignore state constitution

The situation in Sandisfield is fast becoming a precedent-setting testing ground for the power and teeth of Article 97 of the Massachusetts Constitution that preserves state-protected land. That’s why the Attorney General is now involved.

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