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BUSINESS MONDAY: Spotlight on New Marlborough Meeting House—”preserving history, celebrating cultural creativity”

Almost two hundred years later, the Meeting House is still celebrated as a sacred space vibrant with programming to serve the local and surrounding communities.

Pipeline protests turn violent as aggressive police tactics questioned

In the past week there was another confrontation near the pipeline construction area on Beech Plain Road in Sandisfield between police and protesters in which three more arrests were made. One woman, Karla Colon-Aponte, was thrown down and pinned to the ground by a Massachusetts State Trooper hired as security for the pipeline project. A video captured that incident.

An energetic U.S. Sen. Markey talks taxes, guns, nukes and suing FERC

Markey cited solar and wind power as future drivers of the economy and he questioned why the Trump administration did not see it as a source of jobs for unemployed workers, especially the blue-collar workers Trump purports to represent.

Hinds visits pipeline site, urges reform of FERC and says Trump ‘gutting the EPA’

State Sen. Adam Hinds: "If anybody's learned anything from this election, it's that elections have consequences – serious policy consequences. They are absolutely gutting the EPA at a rate that even the most pessimistic person would be surprised about right now." Hinds was also sharply critical of the state in allowing the pipeline project to move through the Otis State Forest, which is state-owned land ostensibly protected from development.

Did pipeline protesters trespass? Lawyers disagree on definition

Since the activists did not enter a building, boat or vehicle, the state must prove that the protesters entered "improved or enclosed land."

In the Sandisfield woods, a testament to Thoreau stares down those who cut and blast

Sitting right next to the existing right-of-way being widened aggressively by Tennessee Gas Company is a "Thoreau Cabin," so named for American transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau, who wrote the famous essay on civil disobedience.

State did not abandoned protected state forests

If the Otis State Forest case had gone to a higher court and lost, that would establish precedent for the entire state.

Vowing to be heard in court, pipeline protesters disappointed in judge’s leniency

"This is obviously fear of a trial. We want our day in court to talk about both the immorality and illegality of what's going on ... we want a trial." --- Vivienne Simon of the Sugar Shack Alliance

Landowners, environmentalists appeal Kinder Morgan gas pipeline’s ‘water quality’ permit

Tennessee Gas plans to use millions of gallons from Spectacle Pond to flush out newly installed pipes, raising concerns about chemicals from the pipes being released into the environment.

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