Sunday, June 16, 2024

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Encore! Billy Collins

Billy Collins is surely the most popular American poet since Robert Frost. We are pleased to offer an encore column of his wonderful work.

I Publius: Social distancing

People can get antsy and often angry when they are locked inside. They pick silly fights.

POEM: Anchors Aweigh!

The flotilla of uplifted houses sets out in search of Nova Terra Firma.

AMPLIFICATIONS: Perils of technology

I’ve ruined computers and messed up my phone and destroyed the settings on numerous electronic gadgets by trying to follow directions to set up or change applications myself.

Lost: My Eurasian Lynx

Louise took my hand and kissed it. It was a gesture that always melted my heart. She was so very appreciative that I had seemingly transcended my cynicism and given her the lynx family she had always craved.

SHRINK RAP: Why buying a bed bugs you

A local psychotherapist walks you through the underside of dealing with insomnia.

Overwatch: Confessions of an addict

Maybe you know what I’m talking about. Denial. It’s a very big deal. I told myself: it’s all about education, beginning with PBS and their nature shows and the science shows and then “Frontline” and the “PBS NewsHour.” Nothing wrong with learning, I told myself.

Markey, Warren, Neal to file legislation forcing Charter to carry Massachusetts stations

North Adams Mayor Tom Bernard noted the irony that WWLP, the NBC affiliate in Springfield, sent a camera crew to the news conference but coverage of it would not be available to Charter's Berkshire County subscribers.

Amplifications: TV shows I’d like to see

Today there are thousands of choices, from endless cable offerings to streaming services. Yet, on a rainy summer evening, one can spend an eternity trying to find a decent show.

CONNECTIONS: Screens, screens everywhere, telling us who we are

A spectator is not able to affect the outcome nor is a spectator responsible for the outcome. That in turn decreases empathy, desensitizes and disconnects the person from what he observes.

Bits & Bytes: Benefit concert for Clinton Church; Construct scholarship fund; Solid Sound line-up; John Doe at Club Helsinki Hudson; Hotchkiss annual dance performance

The benefit concert for the Clinton A.M.E. Zion Church will feature 12 short performances by student vocalists and musicians including members of Simon’s Rock’s chorus and jazz concert and a performer from the annual gospel concert.

Thomas Haas, 86, former Egremont Selectman, television news director

Tom had a strong sense of justice, fairness, character and truth. He loved the excitement of live television and worked on various shows as Director or Production Chief.

Lulu ‘n’ Hershey

Hershey, the angel poodle, has a real talent: Cartoons, a la The New Yorker.

Breaking news

As the TV anchors and the experts droned on and on with inane commentary, I wondered how many children in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya were being rendered homeless? How many children died of hunger, disease, and exposure while we got to know way too much about the 150 well-fed, adequately clothed, and financially secure people?

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