CAPITAL IDEAS: Politics slowing the recovery

Dalton — We’re entering the third quarter, which has historically been the worst quarter of the year for the stock market. We’re also entering the final four months of an election season, which tends to experience some stock market weakness somewhere in the middle of that stretch. As an investor, I’m not excited about the


The performance of small caps is more closely tied to the U.S. economy than large caps are, so with all 50 states in some form of reopening, there is potentially more growth for those companies while simultaneously having a greater defensive posture as they would be more insulated from a COVID-19 outbreak in another country.

CAPITAL IDEAS: Whatever it takes

Dalton — The stock market should pull back. It always does, by some magnitude. However, on the morning of Thursday, April 9, the Federal Reserve prescribed some good medicine, and the wounded stock market should heal even faster than we thought prior to this “whatever it takes” approach to propping up the economy. In response