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Whose decline is more severe: Joe Biden’s or the news media’s?

The decisive problem right now isn't Joe Biden or the press; it is what is being done to the American people.

Town Finance Committee seeks role in regional school district budget process

The original bylaw [defining the responsibilities of the Finance Committee] in the town charter, and adopted in 1974, assigns a budget advisory role to the committee. The new bylaw asks for more from the town and extends the role to the [regional] school district.

Finance chair demands role in school district budget

“If you’re looking for public documents that are available, we’ll comply with that in a heartbeat. But some of the information you’re looking for takes 6 to 8 hours of research." -- Berkshire Hills School Committee Chair Stephen Bannon, responding to Sharon Gregory's demand for a different format of detailed school district financial reports

Door shut on ‘accelerated repair’ for Monument Mountain High School

"Taking the MSBA accelerated repair program off the table simplifies the situation. What we can do to repair the building will be pretty much limited to what we can pay for with our own resources.” -- Great Barrington Finance Committee member Michael Wise

Barrington Selectboard endorses Monument High School renovation

We’ve been around and around the block about this. Is it expensive? Is it going to cost us a lot of money? Yeah, but ultimately I think it’s the right decision to make.” -- Selectboard member Sean Stanton

Re-elect Stephen Bannon, ‘a true civic leader’

In her letter to the editor Berkshire Hills School Committee member Deborah Kain supports the re-election of committee chairman, Stephen Bannon.

Re-elect Stephen Bannon to Berkshire Hills School Committee

Stephanie Adler of Stockbridge urges the re-election of Stephen Bannon to the Berkshire Hills Regional School Committee.

School renovation planning conducted in public meetings

"What is untrue and troubling is the accusations that anyone representing Monument Matters or the District lied or hid any option from the public." -- Stephen C. Bannon, chairman of the Berkshire Hills School Committee

Future school consolidation: The drawbacks and benefits

“This is a clash of economic concerns with educational concerns. It’s going to be an ongoing theme. At what point does it get too expensive?" --Carl Stewart, chairman of the Southern Berkshire Regional School Committee

Perfect Internet storm sinks Berkshire Hills websites

This is what happens when we manage things like this. In any other business, they would spend money to get it back up and running. -- BHRSD School Committee member Rich Bradway

State gives green light to Nov. 4 vote on proposed Monument Mountain High School renovation

“Having the school project vote on Election Day this time is a game changer." -- Berkshire Hills School Committee member Rich Dohoney

School committee endorses Nov. 4 balloting on a downsized school renovation proposal

“You have to ask ‘What’s the risk?’ in taking this proposal to the voters. There are attitudes out there.” -- School Building Subcommittee Chair Richard Coons.

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