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A good editor knows what to excise, and what to enhance. With that in mind, I grabbed my chainsaw, and removed a magnolia.

Select Board considers proposal for former Housatonic School property

At its Monday, October 24 meeting, the Great Barrington Select Board reviewed the first of the two redevelopment proposals for the former Housatonic School from Arete Venture Partners LLC.

Amid economic uncertainty caused by COVID-19, Great Barrington furloughs 14 employees

As required by collective bargaining agreements, Town Manager Mark Pruhenski bargained with labor unions representing town workers on Friday.

Great Barrington Selectboard members clarify guidelines for visitors during COVID-19 contagion

We are concerned for the welfare of year-round residents AND second-home owners. More people arriving here, especially from an area where the likelihood of illness is high, is not good for the people arriving or the people already here.

News Brief: Great Barrington officials request relief for commercial, residential tenants

The town will be discussing the possibility of delaying tax and license deadlines by an additional 30 days once approval is granted from the state.

Alan Chartock: I Publius

Frankly, I never wanted to get into this, but the issues here are so clear and the arrogance of the Great Barrington Selectboard majority is so great that I am doing what I have to do.

Alan Chartock: I Publius. Letters to the Doctor

I have always thanked New York Gov. Cuomo for filling Great Barrington’s coffers. It didn’t seem to lower my tax bill, but who pays attention to those things?

Activists file home-rule petition on horse racing, as questions are raised about selectboard policy changes

But there is a workaround for local control. The project would require as many as three special permits from the town.

Great Barrington residents vent about speeding, ‘scandalous’ bridge closures

At Monday's Great Barrington Selectboard meeting at the Claire Teague Senior Center, concerns ranged from traffic, speeding, and the impact the closure of the Division Street and Cottage Street bridges are having on businesses and residents alike.

Second effort to close Lake Mansfield Road next month fails

Brandee Nelson said the task force is "confused" about what the selectboard's "goal is going forward" and "how confusing it might be to drivers" in transitioning the road to one-way and then going "to a closure scenario."

Sore feelings evident after selectboard decision not to close crumbling Lake Mansfield Road

At issue is the fact that the Conservation Commission, which, on the local level, enforces the state Wetlands Protection Act, is also charged with enforcing the town's own wetland bylaw, which is somewhat more stringent than the state law.

Divided selectboard votes to keep Lake Mansfield Road open one-way — for now

Among the problems with a permanent closure, town manager Mark Pruhenski said, is the lack of a plan to deal with a "turn-around and detour of vehicles" from the sudden closure of the Division Street bridge earlier this month.

At BHRSD-SBRSD summit, talk of potential merger and doing what’s best for students

School committee members noted that the driving force behind the merger should be greater opportunity for students and a desire "to keep education strong" in the two districts amid declining enrollments.

Officials: Temporary repair to Cottage Street bridge out of the question

Town manager Mark Pruhenski told the audience that such a move might force the town alone to pay the costs of replacement.

Hearing for pot farm sparks anger and threats of removal from Selectboard Chair

On several occasions during the hearing, Great Barrington Selectboard Chairman Steve Bannon rapped his gavel and warned hecklers that they would be removed from the room if they persisted.

In ‘historic night,’ two districts set wheels in motion for merger

Berkshire Hills voted unanimously to appoint two subcommittees. The first will focus on the nuts and bolts of a potential consolidation. On the recommendation of the Southern Berkshire school committee, a second subcommittee would focus on the educational aspect of the potential consolidation.

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