Monday, June 24, 2024

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CAPITAL IDEAS: Nearly two-thirds of Americans worry more about running out of money than death

At the end of the day, the real retirement preparedness question is: What is the right number for you?

Berkshire Museum’s ‘new vision’: Transform static museum galleries

In its letter to the editor, the Berkshire Museum Board of Trustees writes: “No matter what the future holds, the Berkshire Museum is focused on bringing people together for experiences that spark creativity and innovative thinking by making inspiring educational connections through art, history and natural science.”

STEAM Team summer camp: Art, dance, science take flight for elementary school kids

It’s unusual, if not unheard of, for four distinct organizations to join forces on such a long-term, time and manpower-intensive venture, especially on a shoestring budget.

Jane Burke, innovative educator, founder of Flying Cloud Institute, to step down

The mission of Flying Cloud Institute, serving over 3,500 students in schools throughout Berkshire County, is to inspire young people and educators through dynamic science and art experiences that ignite creativity.

Flying Cloud Institute: Remaking education for Berkshire students

“We take ourselves into schools because that’s where you can change the way education is delivered. You have to be in the schools to change them.” --- Jane Burke, founder and director of Flying Cloud Insitute.

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