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Fourteen-year-old youth deceased after being found unresponsive in Benedict Pond

The child was transported to Fairview Hospital; however, lifesaving efforts were unsuccessful.

Water protector Winona LaDuke speaks on ‘cannibal economics,’ courage and fighting pipelines

“We have a shot at stopping some pretty extreme behavior at the end of the cannibal or the 'wendigo' economy. And that is, in my estimation, a great spiritual opportunity for us all.” -- Winona LaDuke

Pipeline protests turn violent as aggressive police tactics questioned

In the past week there was another confrontation near the pipeline construction area on Beech Plain Road in Sandisfield between police and protesters in which three more arrests were made. One woman, Karla Colon-Aponte, was thrown down and pinned to the ground by a Massachusetts State Trooper hired as security for the pipeline project. A video captured that incident.

More arrests in Otis State Forest as Standing Rock demonstrators join pipeline protest

At the Lower Spectacle Pond picnic area, about 80 people gathered at 10 a.m. to not only protest the pipeline but support "the need for solidarity against fossil fuel infrastructure across the country," said a Sugar Shack Alliance spokesperson.

Vowing to be heard in court, pipeline protesters disappointed in judge’s leniency

"This is obviously fear of a trial. We want our day in court to talk about both the immorality and illegality of what's going on ... we want a trial." --- Vivienne Simon of the Sugar Shack Alliance

A ‘funeral’ for conservation, as pipeline goliath Kinder Morgan acquires state forest easement

Superior Court Judge John Agostini had ruled that federal law trumps state law in such cases and applied eminent domain, allowing Tennessee Gas to have the easement in Otis State Forest, despite Article 97 of the Massachusetts Constitution, that protects old-growth forests from development.

Bits & Bytes: Filmmaker Fidel Moreno at Scoville Library; ‘Aging; A Lifelong Process’; W. Stockbridge Chamber Players play up a storm

Filmmaker Fidel Moreno has been to the protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation several times and witnessed the gathering of people to form a community united by the commitment to protect water resources and the Missouri River

The people vs. FERC: Where is the oversight of gas pipeline risks?

“Trump doesn’t like to lose. If he doesn’t make renewables a priority, he will lose to the countries that are working to be clean energy leaders.” -- Maya van Rossum, head of Delaware Riverkeeper Network

Bits & Bytes: Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas; Standing Rock benefit; Elwood H. Smith at Lenox Library; ‘World’s Greatest Christmas Carols’

The Standing Rock benefit will include speakers Jeremy Stanton, who recently fed Thanksgiving dinner to more than 2,000 people at Standing Rock, and spiritual peace activist and filmmaker Fidel Moreno, who is just returning from his second visit to the reservation.

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