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CAPITAL IDEAS: Is the stock market riding on the outcome of the presidential election?

Even though it often feels like everything is riding on the outcome of the election, history reminds us that, over the long term, election results have not driven market results.

Tennessee Gas to pay state $1.2 million in pipeline-related compensation

The announcement said the easement for Tennessee Gas’ Connecticut Expansion Project will include environmental mitigation, recreational improvements and securing additional conservation land.

Sandisfield pipeline spawns water quality battles on three fronts, potentially delaying the project

In their legal filing to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection the complaint of the Citizens alleges that “the proposed pipeline would permanently degrade and impair water uses and quality for waters located at the heart of [8,500 acres] of interconnected, valuable open space.”

Landowners, environmentalists appeal Kinder Morgan gas pipeline’s ‘water quality’ permit

Tennessee Gas plans to use millions of gallons from Spectacle Pond to flush out newly installed pipes, raising concerns about chemicals from the pipes being released into the environment.

Judge grants Tennessee Gas Pipeline eminent domain over protected Otis State Forest corridor

An EdgeCast, “Sandisfield Pipeline: This story isn’t over,” is contained within this article. “The Attorney General’s Office did reach out to us, and is considering an appeal. We’re just waiting to see what happens next … the Judge stated in the courtroom that he anticipated that this would be appealed.” ---- Sandisfield Town Manager Alice Boyd

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