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State Rep. Pignatelli appointed as Lenox’s interim town manager, effective July 1

Select Board members applauded filling the opening with a local resident already knowledgeable with town workings.

CONCERT PREVIEW: Calidore Quartet plays Mozart, Bartók, and that joker Brahms at South Mountain

In the second movement, you can picture stout, gout-prone, middle-aged men in wigs trying to look dignified as they execute intricate dance moves in the gilded ballrooms of Vienna.

A revelatory encounter with family, folk and fantasy: Hanani’s merry band brings Suk and Dvorak to the Mahaiwe

After the excited, powerful statement of the second theme in the Dvorak quintet, the movement took flight as a plane from the runway, and the two violins were as wings lifting the ensemble up and up.

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