Steiner School says it was blindsided by solar array plan next door as town writes zoning bylaws

“Until last week the school did not understand the location, the size, or the timing of the project. We’re just attempting to collect as much information as possible to share with our families, hear their concerns, and work with Kearsarge Energy to bring about a solution.
— Tom Sternal, president of the board of trustees at the Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School

TRANSFORMATIONS: A net better bungalow

How architect Tom Hartman transformed the bungalow Robert Frost once lived in while teaching at Amherst College into an energy-efficient dwelling. “This story is about the house we found and bought, what we did to it over the past seventeen years, and how it has transformed along with our lives.”

Senate measure would boost Berkshire solar projects

“The caps are there because the utility companies have insisted. Solar is a threat to their way of doing business, so they’ve decided to do everything they can to try to stop solar. Solar energy has the potential to make electricity less expensive for everybody.”

— Ben Hellerstein, state director for Environment Massachusetts

State energy study seems to support gas pipeline, minimizes sustainable energy resources

“I can confidently say that the pace of renewable energy technology adoption is increasing, and the very certain progress in electricity storage will allow residential and utility scale solar to offset demand for those peak winter hours in the years 2020-2030 that this study says can be fulfilled by new pipeline capacity.”
— Berkshire Photovoltaic Services’ Christopher Kilfoyle

Harvesting the sun, or how we ‘went solar’

I decided to investigate the solarize program launched by Gov. Deval Patrick and spearheaded locally by Malcolm Fick with the town’s Energy Committee as well as Juliette Haas of Egremont. Calculations showed that a free-standing structure with 20 photovoltaic panels would provide 100 percent of the electrical energy that we typically consumed.