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State Rep. Pignatelli appointed as Lenox’s interim town manager, effective July 1

Select Board members applauded filling the opening with a local resident already knowledgeable with town workings.

Solemnities and confections in Studio E: Gracing the opening of the Tanglewood Learning Institute

Had composer and conductor Oliver Knussen not died in Suffolk last year at the age of 66, he would have presided over this year’s Tanglewood Festival of Contemporary Music. It seemed fitting as well that the first sounds to put the new hall to test were Knussen’s stunning 'Prequel to Opening Signal.'

Serge Koussevitzky sculpture unveiled at Tanglewood

If Ms. Jencks' sculpture merely resembled Koussevitzky, that would be sufficient. But it wonderfully captures the man's visionary character.

Leonard Bernstein and the haunting of Highwood Manor House

Lenny's legendary encounter at the Highwood Manor House wouldn't be the last time he would detect paranormal activity on the Tanglewood grounds.

PREVIEW: Shostakovich Symphony No. 5, July 8 with the BSO at Tanglewood

Although one must be wary of the word “definitive” when describing any musical performance, overenthusiastic critics (there are a few) must be forgiven if they use such language to describe the orchestra’s widely praised Shostakovitch performances.

CONNECTIONS: Tragic Tanglewood traffic tangle in Stockbridge

For decades a Stockbridge police officer stood that corner assuring the safety. Now, drivers navigate without assistance. Some say it is too dangerous for a policeman to stand that post.

CONNECTIONS: Birth of the Tanglewood Music Festival

From the genesis, the “advancement and material gain to the Berkshires” was the first concern of the Berkshire Symphonic Festival, with classical music a means rather than an end.

PART III: Tanglewood Music Center at 75: Koussevitzky’s students: Leonard Bernstein and Lukas Foss

I have never seen such a beautiful setup in my life. I’ve been conducting the orchestra every morning & I’m playing my first concert tomorrow night. Kousss gave me the hardest & longest number of all – the second symphony of Randall Thompson. 30 minutes long – a modern American work – as my first performance, and Kouss is so pleased with my work. -- Leonard Bernstein

PART I: Tanglewood Music Center at 75: Koussevitsky’s dream

“Throughout my life I have envisioned the establishment of a great music and art center in the world. The United States of America can and are destined to have such a center. American freedom is the best soil for it.” -- Serge Koussevitzky

CONNECTIONS: When meeting a ghost, mind your manners

Yes, indeed, there are rules of ghost etiquette; who knew. They are predicated upon the human/ghost social hierarchy that states without apology that the living are superior to the dead.

Connections: Summer storm at Tanglewood led to Shed

Eighty years ago, Tanglewood concerts were outdoors -- in a tent. At one performance, an all-Wagner concert, with Koussevitsky conducting, a storm rendered the music inaudible.

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