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PETER MOST: Up in smoke

Two things are becoming increasingly clear. One, based on the facts and law, it is downright dopey for Great Barrington not to settle in its Community Impact Fees cases. Two, the town has persistently received bad counsel.

Five Writing (and Living) Lessons from Dr. King’s ‘Letter from a Birmingham Jail’

MLK wrote his letter in great discomfort, from jail, on the margins of a newspaper, then on scraps smuggled in here and there, until finally he was given a pad of paper.

‘The Children’s March’ at The Mahaiwe, in support of the April 20 National School Walkout

“By next Friday, every school kid in America will have experienced at least three events where they have no doubt wondered how long they must endure the tolerance for guns that has torn apart the fabric of this country and endangered their lives.” -- Documentary filmmaker Bobby Houston, on the screening of his film 'The Children's March'

Truth be told — again

Those kids put their bodies on the line and shamed a nation into finally paying attention. And it worked.

BOB GRAY: Children’s Crusade

Following the latest school shooting atrocity in Parkland, Florida, another Children’s Crusade is rising: a largely youth-bred movement meant to persuade legislators to take some meaningful action to stem the needless deaths of our country’s children in schools.

ON FILM: ‘Mudbound’ depicts segregated South post World War II

The film left me thinking about the South today. In a number of ways a different, changed world, but in others the same oppressive place.

Pastor Van in his own words

“[In my youth] churches were all packed. It was all you could do on a Sunday. The minister had a captive audience. You couldn’t buy a car, or buy liquor. All the stores were closed. All you could do was go to church and then visit with relatives.”

‘Hidden Figures,’ the film about fallacies of racial stereotyping, enthralls MMRHS students

“Hidden Figures is a history lesson, a math and science lesson, a social lesson, a moral and ethical lesson, and [the Monument community] came together to share these lessons.” -- MMRHS Principal Marianne Young

Coming of age during segregation: A talk with Dr. Bernard LaFayette Jr.

"We’re dealing with interesting dynamics right now because all the problems we have faced in the past now have little tentacles that are coming up in different ways." --- Dr. Bernard Lafayette, from his remarks at the 20th Annual W.E.B. Du Bois lecture at Bard College at Simon's Rock

When Du Bois lived here

Du Bois stands as a towering figure in American history. A product of the local public school, from which he was the first black graduate of the high school, and a fixture of several local institutions, his legacy here has nevertheless triggered debates.

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