Friday, June 14, 2024

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Shooting in Pittsfield leaves two injured

Second shooting in Pittsfield in a week.

School districts need strategic planning

“Shared services” are not enough. Isn't it time for school districts to cooperate in expanding educational access, opportunity, and quality?

Family of 4 Food Project: Sharing exponential good in Sheffield

“The idea was to give the community some way to care, which they were aching to do; to give a local establishment some extra business; and to feed families.” - Rev. Erik Karas

‘Berkshire Education Now’ debuts on CTSB, addresses schools’ response to COVID-19

In addition to Quinn Burnell, who offered a student's perspective, guests for the first episode were the four South County superintendents

How South County schools are coping during ‘unprecedented times’

With end-of-year exams and graduations approaching, what are schools doing to keep the educational process going at such a crucial time of the year?

Schools support families with proper nutrition during unexpected closures

School districts are working with a cohort of community partners to address the growing need for support of families with young children during this unexpected break from school.

BMC employees under self-quarantine as local officials grapple with response to coronavirus

In Great Barrington, town officials put out a statement yesterday, and at Monday's selectboard meeting, town health agent Rebecca Jurczyk briefed officials on measures the town is taking to prepare for the virus.

SBRSD ‘investigator’ clears superintendent and special ed director of whistleblower charges

Though the school district denies any wrongdoing, the investigator did make recommendations which the school committee voted to adopt and that it has directed Superintendent Beth Regulbuto to implement. 

Burke reappointed SBRSD School Committee chair; negotiations start with superintendent

The committee also entered into executive session to discuss a pair of open meeting law complaints.

Mount Everett students weigh in on controversies, ask for answer on Devoti, DeGrenier

The most recent edition of the Bold Eagle, the student newspaper for Mount Everett Regional School, ran a front-page news story and an editorial on the controversy surrounding two administrators and the school committee.

Second whistleblower at SBRSD alleges workplace retaliation ‘for reporting unlawful conduct’

Brenda Olivieri alleges that Southern Berkshire Regional School District Superintendent Beth Regulbuto has "created a culture of fear and intimidation," resulting in retaliatory action against her "for reporting unlawful conduct."

The case for regional school district tax reform

In a letter to the editor, Chip Elitzer writes, "In the most egregious example, in the Southern Berkshire Regional School District, a taxpayer in Sheffield pays a rate that is almost seven times higher than a taxpayer in Alford who has identically assessed property."

In stinging lawsuit, longtime SBRSD dean alleges ‘workplace retaliation’ for son’s advocacy

According to the complaint, Kurt DeGrenier had voiced concerns that his son, now in 10th grade at Mount Everett, was not receiving the services and accommodations set forth in his individualized educational program, a plan developed to ensure that a child with an identified disability receives specialized instruction and related services.

At BHRSD-SBRSD summit, talk of potential merger and doing what’s best for students

School committee members noted that the driving force behind the merger should be greater opportunity for students and a desire "to keep education strong" in the two districts amid declining enrollments.

Former SBRSD superintendent endorses Sears, Silvers for School Committee

In a letter to the editor David Hastings writes: “Serving as the Superintendent, I found both Bonnie and Dennis to be very demanding and nearly always right, making sure that our children got only the best.”

Egremont selectman offers his choices for School Committee

In his letter George McGurn writes: “We want to give parents and community members a reason to engage, not disengage. Bright, energetic, serious, working people are stepping forward.”

Turmoil at SBRSD: Teacher’s Facebook post seen as reflection of larger problems

Some parents appeared to be confused about whether faculty member Jim Berlstein's post concerned actual safety at the school or his frustration with his own employment situation -- or perhaps the employment situation of everyone on the faculty and staff.

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