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THEATER REVIEW: Barrington Stage’s production of ‘Boeing Boeing’ plays at the Boyd-Quinson Stage through August 3

Everyone should let themselves go, see the show (forget it is called a farce—just think comedy), and laugh as much as you can. That is what it is for: laughter, a much-needed commodity in this peculiar time we are living in.

CONNECTIONS: Seven words that stopped an American demagogue

Trump became the second man to call Roy Cohn his mentor. The first was Joseph McCarthy. Cohn was disbarred for unethical conduct in 1986. He died of AIDS in 1987.

Smoke Signals from the Swamp: The Son-in-Law

With all the talk about the varied skills of Corey Lewandoski, Paul Manafort and Steve Bannon, who took turns steering the Trump campaign, many were surprised by the title of the Nov. 22, 2016, Forbes article: “How Jared Kushner Won Trump the White House.”

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