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Monument Valley Road Construction Begins Week of 6/17

During the week the road will be limited to local traffic only between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Pops Peterson: Art as a force for social change

Pops Peterson's critically acclaimed series “Reinventing Rockwell” was driven by his mission not only to update the paintings to reflect modern-day advances, but also to show the evolution of gender roles, sexuality and ethnic diversity. 

Pops Peterson’s art: Rockwell’s America restaged in a changed American landscape

"I am re-imagining and transforming Norman Rockwell scenes with 21st-century people, 21st-century families, fashions, technology and friendships. I feel if he were alive today he would want to do exactly this. He would want us to bring the work up to date and make it vibrant once again." -- Pops Peterson

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