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Monument Valley Road Construction Begins Week of 6/17

During the week the road will be limited to local traffic only between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Bits & Bytes: ‘A Practice in Process’; glyphosate talk; women in film seminar; college search talk; BCC dean’s list

Berkshire Environmental Action Team will present Ed Stockman for a talk about the herbicide glyphosate, commonly known as Roundup, Thursday, Jan. 23, at 5:30 p.m. at the Lenox Library.

GB, South County Year in Review: Of mergers, bridges, cannabis and ‘blood money’

In the spirit of reflection and self-examination, herein lies The Edge's second annual Great Barrington year in review. It includes some select stories from other South County towns as well, along with embedded links to Edge stories for more information.

Wetlands expert urges ban on use of Roundup weed killer

Efforts to get the truth out about glyphosate has been stymied by tainted corporate research and by an Environmental Protection Agency that is "dysfunctional at best."

At BIFF ‘Dreaming of a Vetter World,’ a Nebraska farmer goes organic

"I suddenly had some questions about how our food’s being grown here in America… There’s a huge disaster going on right now that few people even know about." -- Bonnie Hawthorne, writer and director of 'Dreaming of a Vetter World'

Great Barrington Selectboard considers resolution to protect organic farms from GMOs and pesticides

“There are a lot of people trying to do organic farming around here. This [resolution] is about protecting our local organic farmers. If you get GMO seed into your field, you’re done.” -- Selectboard member Bill Cooke, who introduced a draft resolution intended to protect the integrity of organic farms and their produce.

EAT WELL / LIVE WELL: What’s a body to do? Navigating the food supply

Much of the food we eat is nutritionally deficient and most packaged food is filled with chemicals that the human system is unfamiliar with at best, and at risk from more often.

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