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CAPITAL IDEAS: Is it too late to buy Nvidia

As a contrarian, I view rampant interest (euphoria?) from investment civilians as more of a negative than a positive for the stock. But momentum is powerful, and the company’s earnings growth has been stellar.

William Hilton Jr., 65, of Sheffield

An avid reader and collector of first-edition modern American books, Bill donated his exceptional library to the University of California, Santa Cruz in memory of his father, a like-minded bibliophile.

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Siege’ reveals the constant provocations, never-ending nastiness of the Trump administration

Episode after episode reveals a mean-spirited, self-absorbed bully who doesn’t read, study or listen to anyone who says anything he disagrees with.

Tanglewood to welcome folk-rock pioneer Richard Thompson

It should be unnecessary to tell you that Thompson started out in a band called Fairport Convention. That's kind of like saying Paul McCartney started out in a band called the Beatles.

PREVIEW: The latest popular artist bookings at Tanglewood

A queen, an empress, and a nerdy guy who sells 4 million records per release (except for when he sells 6 million) are among the popular music artists who have recently shown up on Tanglewood's 2019 summer concert schedule.

PREVIEW: Brian Wilson to return to Tanglewood for ‘Pet Sounds’ performance

Brian Wilson's vocal arrangements have never been easy to perform, even for the Beach Boys in their prime. Still, this band does it every night. They produce an impossibly lush vocal texture by executing all their parts with mind-blowing precision.

Lenny celebrates ‘Tommy’ with Roger Daltrey and the Boston Pops: Prepare to be amazed

Leonard Bernstein would be first in line to get two tickets for Roger Daltrey’s “Tommy” performance on June 15. One ticket for himself, one for his daughter.

Smoke Signals from the Swamp: Michael Cohen – the early years

Since we’re working our smoke-signal way through the supporting cast the president has surrounded himself with, it’s probably a good time to get to know the president’s private attorney. And because of the recent raid on his offices and the seizure of a massive amount of documents and some recordings, Michael Cohen’s importance in the Russian Affair and the Neverending Obstruction looms even larger.

Bits & Bytes: Youth Art Month at Berkshire Museum; peace walkers in Great Barrington; Jeff Goodell on rising sea levels; WAM Theatre auditions

The six peace walkers, including Japanese Buddhist nun Jun-san Yasuda, are walking to Indian Point Energy Center nuclear power plant in Buchanan, New York, to raise awareness about nuclear weapons and waste.

Lulu n’ Hershey

Hershey, former rock star (or rock dog), is making a comeback, announced on the cover of the September issue of Rolling Stone.

AT THE CINEMA: ‘Love and Mercy’

If you weren’t a Beach Boys fan when you walked into this movie, you may have a new appreciation for them when you leave.

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