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STEPHEN COHEN: A rise in antisemitism

This essay is about our feelings towards one another in our home in the Berkshires.

NATURE’S TURN: High sun – stirring storms, gardens and robin neighbors

The rain, the sight of the Sun at the top of the sky, the quickened greening of the earth and the press of crops ready for harvest pull us into the rising tide of the growing season.

NATURE’S TURN: Garden as wellspring of vitality

The unpredictable experiences that occur while gardening can be the most engaging or challenging to our senses, our emotions, intellects and aesthetics.

NATURE’S TURN: Rapture in the garden, water play with a hummingbird

I aimed the cold-water spray through the trellis wire to the outer row, swinging the hose slowly, deliberately. Into the midst of my concentration on the task, a ruby-throated hummingbird flew, suspending its colorful little body in the spray I was creating.

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