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I WITNESS: What will it take to ban assault weapons?

Welcome to the new America: a breeding ground for vitriol, animosity, and homicidal rage.

NATURE’S TURN: Schoolhouse Garden family album 2018

That planting, intended to protect the earth through harsh winter storms and serve many other functions for the soil, was stripped and hauled away to chipmunk storage chambers, a ready food for uninvited guests of the garden.

NATURE’S TURN: High sun – stirring storms, gardens and robin neighbors

The rain, the sight of the Sun at the top of the sky, the quickened greening of the earth and the press of crops ready for harvest pull us into the rising tide of the growing season.

NATURE’S TURN: Summery heat coaxes dormant plants and animals into the light

Touring the garden, perennial herbs and flowers, as well as fall-planted garlic that emerged from snowdrifts scarcely two weeks ago, have been growing quickly since the recent heat wave.

IN THE FIELD: Birds of winter

It is refreshing to hear these noisier-than-usual sparrows chattering this time of year when it is otherwise so quiet.

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