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I WITNESS: What will it take to ban assault weapons?

Welcome to the new America: a breeding ground for vitriol, animosity, and homicidal rage.

THEATRE REVIEW: BTG’s ‘What the Jews Believe’ shines with powerful images, great characters

Directed by the author, this play moves from the overly theatrical first act into the honestly realistic second act where tears don't manifest as easily as do other emotional reactions.

REVIEW: Barrington Stage’s ‘If I Forget’ sophisticated but only half way there

With a plot this rich, expectations for what happens run high, but Act 2, set six months later, sadly disappoints.

THEATRE REVIEW: Barrington Stage’s superb ‘If I Forget’ is a theatrical gem

When history and religious background lead the intellectual way to drama and all the factors work perfectly—as they do in this fine play—all we have to do is sit back and let the characters take us where they must.

THEATRE REVIEW: Barrington Stage’s 10×10 New Play Festival an oasis in a bleak, wet Berkshire winter

The 10 10-minute plays, divided by one intermission, feature 10 playwrights who, each with remarkable economy, illuminate some aspect of life—in the everyday, in the home or in the news—as we are living it, like it or not, in this 2019 winter of discontent.

THEATRE REVIEW: Barrington Stage’s 10×10 New Play Festival a perfect midwinter offering

The play that ends the first half of the program, 'Pipeline' written by Michael Brady and directed by Julianne Boyd, is utterly moving and effective as three exuberant protestors on the edge of a mountain forest in south Berkshire County are confronted by an actual moment of disaster.

THEATRE REVIEW: Barrington Stage Company’s 10×10 New Play Festival delivers laughs, memorable characters

This year, the seventh, we get to know some writers with delicious senses of humor and some characters we will never forget.

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