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I WITNESS: What will it take to ban assault weapons?

Welcome to the new America: a breeding ground for vitriol, animosity, and homicidal rage.

Stanley Szwyd, 95, of Housatonic

His four siblings had all been told that he had been killed during the war. His sister was in disbelief when she heard from him. His family had already held a funeral for him, believing that he had died in captivity.

Francis ‘Frank’ Badurski, 61, of Great Barrington

He was a machine operator for many years at the former Rising Paper Company.

Louise Piontek, 93, of Housatonic

While at home, Louise did seamstress work for clients and family, and was also a talented cake decorator, making and decorating cakes for various holidays and special occasions including weddings.

Willard Curtis, 62, of Pittsfield

He worked at Rising Paper Company in Housatonic for many years and later owned and operated the Tavern in Pittsfield.

Sally Holmes Atwood, 97, of Housatonic

Elected to the Great Barrington Library Trustees in 1960, she served for 24 years, the last three as chairman.

Otto Borsody, 88, of Great Barrington, born in Yugoslavia, lover of freedom

English, which was taught at weekly night classes for the large immigrant community in Housatonic, became the fifth language he learned.

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