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STEPHEN COHEN: A rise in antisemitism

This essay is about our feelings towards one another in our home in the Berkshires.

Rockwell Museum Young Leaders Program seeks current eighth-grade students in Berkshire County

Museum staff in the curatorial, visitor services, accounting, education, development, digital media and marketing departments are eager to connect with students and work with them through their high school years.

Uncertainty over consolidation clouds planning for a new Monument High School

This will be the third try since 2013 to get state aid for the ailing high school. BHRSD Superintendent Peter Dillon noted that “constructing a new high school is actually less expensive than renovating and adding to the new building.”

In another bid for funding, Berkshire Hills to tell state what’s wrong with Monument

Berkshire Hills’ director of operations Steven Soule will once again assess the condition of 50-year-old Monument Mountain Regional High School and draft the statement, which will explain a number of deficiencies including 'building condition, access, health and safety, as well as deficiencies for instructional programs, especially science and career and technical facilities.'

Berkshire Hills budget: $1 million increase for Great Barrington seen as excessive

Great Barrington's assessment will rise a projected 6.7 percent to about $16.4 million, in part because of an increase in the town's state-mandated minimum local contribution, which determines a minimum each town should pay based on the wealth of the community. Proving that the best gifts don’t come in boxes

The idea for Pungl was the brainchild of then 15-year-old Zach Goffin — an avid Ebay fan and current sophomore at Monument Mountain Regional High School.

Stockbridge endorses amended BHRSD agreement, completing district-wide approval

“There is no better way to ensure a better future for our community, state and country than to invest in education. What we are saying is that we believe in education for all the children, not just in our town but in the district. Education has longevity” ---Stockbridge resident Sarah Horne, speaking at the Annual Town Meeting

School Committee: No state funds for estimated $11 million Monument High repairs

“If the MSBA wants to give us money we’re happy to take it but our impression is that what they are interested in is funding a substantial renovation, not piecemeal.” -- BHRSD Superintendent Peter Dillon

Monument High School repairs estimated at $11 million – with no state reimbursement

Because the regional agreement between Great Barrington, Stockbridge and West Stockbridge stipulates that towns pay in a per pupil system, Great Barrington bears 70 percent of the cost.

In Stockbridge Us vs. Them rhetoric is divisive, inaccurate

In his letter to the editor, Rich Bradway of Stockbridge writes: "The term 'our own' identifies 'locals' as noble of heart, and 'transplants' as having ulterior motives and something to hide.

Stockbridge selectmen, police department have received unjust criticism

In his letter to the editor, Rich Bradway writes: "To say that our Select Board is working outside of the law or is not being transparent is either a lie or an accusation that is not backed up by facts."

Community push-back saves art, kindergarten programs at Berkshire Hills — for now

"I think this budget does what we are charged with doing, delivering quality education to our kids without wasteful spending. There is no wasteful spending in this budget — not a dime of it.” -- Berkshire Hills School Committee member Richard Dohoney

Misinformation distorts the real need for high school renovation

Berkshire Hills Regional School Committee member Rich Bradway deplores the misinformation and what he terms outright lies being circulated about the reasons for the proposed renovation of Monument Regional High School. He sets the record straight.

Perfect Internet storm sinks Berkshire Hills websites

This is what happens when we manage things like this. In any other business, they would spend money to get it back up and running. -- BHRSD School Committee member Rich Bradway

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