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BUSINESS MONDAY: Spotlight on One Mercantile and Sett—success in downtown Great Barrington

Local couple successfully builds a pair of brick-and-mortar businesses from the ground up by meeting the community where they are.

Berkshire teen dies in Rhode Island snorkeling accident

News of the tragic accident quickly spread Wednesday evening across the Berkshires, prompting a flood of grief and sympathy for the Stanton family, a large, beloved, and prominent local clan.

Culinary Adventures: The eponymous Preservation Society and P.S. Bistro

Chef and owner Christophe Jalbert places a high premium on local ingredients on his menus. In a short time that he has owned the former Route 7 Grill, Jalbert not only developed solid relationships with 40 or more farmers in the area, but the people who come to his restaurants expect locally grown food prepared to show off its high quality.

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