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I WITNESS: Is the sky really falling?

Instead of running his mouth, which is his typical modus operandi, Donald Trump is golfing and enjoying the spectacle of the Democratic Party doing what it does best: freaking out and cannibalizing itself, with plenty of help from media pundits.

Gubernatorial candidate Jay Gonzalez pledges to stop expansion of gas pipelines, urges investment in renewable energy

When asked about one of the biggest, and longest running, environmental issues in the Berkshires—cleaning up the Housatonic River from PCB pollution dumped decades ago by General Electric—Gonzalez said he agrees with local communities and the EPA that the toxins should be “safely disposed offsite.”

News Briefs: Amatul-Wadud in Sheffield; FY19 conference budget report approved; Mass. solar, wind power increase

Among the issues Amatul-Wadud is raising in her run for Congress are climate change; universal public education; and affordable, high-speed internet access for every resident of the 1st Congressional District.

Egremont Green News: Join the push for renewable energy

Fighting climate change can mean everything from sealing up drafty houses and driving an electric vehicle to keeping up with a fossil-free push that is gaining steam worldwide.

Berkshire summit plots transition to 100 percent renewable energy

The goal is for the state to make a commitment to achieve 100 percent renewable energy economy-wide by 2050.

News Brief: Williamstown goes green with solar array partnership

After a thorough analysis, Williams College decided to partner with the town on the solar array as part of its sustainability commitment.

An energetic U.S. Sen. Markey talks taxes, guns, nukes and suing FERC

Markey cited solar and wind power as future drivers of the economy and he questioned why the Trump administration did not see it as a source of jobs for unemployed workers, especially the blue-collar workers Trump purports to represent.

Town Hall Briefs: Great Barrington to sign ‘green energy’ pact, providing residents lower electricity rates

The one-year contract will offer lower prices on wind power than both standard and green rates offered by National Grid, according to town manager Jennifer Tabakin.

Hinds visits pipeline site, urges reform of FERC and says Trump ‘gutting the EPA’

State Sen. Adam Hinds: "If anybody's learned anything from this election, it's that elections have consequences – serious policy consequences. They are absolutely gutting the EPA at a rate that even the most pessimistic person would be surprised about right now." Hinds was also sharply critical of the state in allowing the pipeline project to move through the Otis State Forest, which is state-owned land ostensibly protected from development.

At clean energy tour, dialogue dominated by wind turbine opponents airing grievances

In the spotlight, State Senate President Pro Tempore Marc Pacheco kept his cool as, one by one, residents stood up to complain about the sound pollution and visual impact of wind turbines.

Bits & Bytes: Renewable energy fair; ‘The Government Inspector;’ Will Evans, Whiskey Treaty Roadshow at the Colonial; Fairview’s Monster Dash; Mill Pond School open...

The Children’s Study Home will celebrate the opening of its Berkshire campus, located at the site of the former Eagleton School, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Saturday, Oct. 29.

EDGEWISE: Climate crises, climate opportunities

I want to be able to write a letter to future generations that tells proudly how in my time, we stood up in the face of impending disaster and made the necessary changes in lifestyle, industry and economy.

Otis voters overwhelmingly endorse $6.4 million wind power project

“The wind turbine is better than mowing down 200 acres of trees for a solar array, and has minimal impact to the environment for the same amount of electricity.” -- Chris Bouchard, former highway superintendent and member of the Energy Committee.

Cape Wind proponents rally for renewable energy future

“I’m here today because I cannot look my daughter in the eye if I have not tried to protect her future while our leaders on every level fail to act on climate change. We must not let [our leaders] act for the short-term gain of a few.” -- Anne Goodwin, of Mothers Out Front

Electric rate hikes amount to blackmail on behalf of pipeline

In her letter, Edge environmental correspondent Mary Douglas writes: "Kinder Morgan would realize a 10 to 14 percent annual return on its investment as a regulated monopoly for the life of the pipeline — 100 years or more ... However, there is plenty of time to put together alternatives, such as a mix of renewables, demand reduction, energy efficiency, market adjustments."

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